Using the Ruby On Rails plugin from FlashBuilder4

Make sure you followed the post Installing Ruby On Rails plugin for FlashBuilder4 for installing the plugin and setting up of your Rails project before proceeding with the usage of the plugin from FlashBuilder.

Using the plugin from FlashBuilder4:

1. Create a new Flex Project.

-In the New Project Wizard, name the project, lets say "TestROR", select the application type and make sure that you enter Application Server type as None/Other, click next.

-Enter the output folder to be something under the publicly accessible directory under your rails project, ex: C:\RubyProjects\myrailsproject\public\TestROR, click next

-Enter the Output folder url as the url which points to the output folder created above ex: http://localhost:3000/TestROR

Exit the wizard by clicking finish.

2. Creating a new Service

- In the Data/Services Panel click Connect to Data/Service..., when the Connect to Data/Service wizard opens select "ROR" icon and click next.

- On the next page, select the services folder. The services folder is the directory under which any ruby class will be exposed as a service. For "WebOrb" as the AMF library this will reside under the app folder under the project folder. ex: C:\RubyProjects\myrailsproject\app\services

Provide the AMF endpoint. By default the plugin assumes that the AMF library is WebOrb and the user will be using the default destination. You can change it to provide the endpoint of the destination of your choice.

You can then select between creation of a new service or import of an existing service.

Selecting "Generate a new Ruby service class from a model" means that the plugin will generate a class exposing all the CRUD(create,read,update,delete) functions as a service for the mentioned model. This class will be placed under the already mentioned services folder.

You will then provide the name of the model. The name of the model is the same that is used in the common ruby command ruby script/generate model modelname . The model name here corresponds to the underlying database table. Rails naming convention makes the table name to end with a "s" while the model name does not have the "s" ex: If the table name is "Users" the model name will be "User".

You can then select if the model already exists or not. If you select that the model exists then the model class won't be generated, otherwise the user will then need to provide the directory where the model class will reside on generation. Generally it is under the app folder under the project folder ex: C:\RubyProjects\myrailsproject\app\models

Selecting "Import an existing Ruby service class" will simply import the mentioned class without any server side code generation. The ruby file location should be under the mentioned services folder for it to be exposed as a service.

Click finish.

3. Using the created service

The created service will appear in the Data/Services panel. All the operations in the service class and the model class will be imported.

If you selected ""Generate a new Ruby service class from a model" in the previous step you will find that the service is automatically created with DataManagement on the model as turned on, with the paging function also assigned.

If you selected otherwise only the operations will get listed and no data types will appear. All the operations will also be weakly typed (unknown input types and return types). You will have to manually configure the return types using Configure Return type... on right clicking on the operations.

Using this service is same as using any other service under the DCD workflow in FlashBuilder4.

Find more about DCD service usage and data management at

Markus Kirschner's Gravatar Hi,
thanks for your great tutorial. However I cannot get it running with RubyAMF instead of WebORB.
Whenever I want to configure the service I get the following error on the rails console:

Processing RubyamfController#gateway (for at 2009-12-07 17:07:54) [POST]
Sending data
Completed in 68ms (View: 1, DB: 0) | 200 OK [://localhost/rubyamf/gateway]
>>>>>>>> RubyAMF >>>>>>>>> #<RubyAMF::Actions::PrepareAction:0x1044cd380> took: 0.00010 secs
uninitialized constant FBIntrospectionServiceController

Where can I get this FBIntrospectionServiceController?

Thanks in advance,
# Posted By Markus Kirschner | 12/7/09 11:14 AM
rafa carva's Gravatar tnkz, i 'll test this tips....
# Posted By rafa carva | 12/24/09 5:42 AM
Kirk Pinneo's Gravatar I am getting this error when trying to configure service, any ideas?

INFO: unable to load source file, FbController, hopefully Rails has already loaded it.
ERROR: Exception processing request. Destination: FbController, operation: getModelPrimaryKey, message: uninitialized constant FbController
# Posted By Kirk Pinneo | 3/24/10 10:32 AM
Klaus's Gravatar Got this error too. Did no one knows what to do???
# Posted By Klaus | 3/25/10 12:52 PM
Gaurav's Gravatar Make sure that you have modified init.rb in /vendor/plugins/weborb/init.rb as:

Dependencies.mechanism = :load

ActiveSupport::Dependencies.mechanism = :load
# Posted By Gaurav | 3/25/10 12:56 PM
Klaus's Gravatar @Gaurav: Thank you

I've allready changed this, but setting up the service still causes errors:

Server error uninitialized constant FbController details not available

INFO: unable to load source file, FbController, hopefully Rails has already loaded it.
ERROR: Exception processing request. Destination: FbController, operation: getModelPrimaryKey, message: uninitialized constant FbController
# Posted By Klaus | 3/25/10 1:14 PM
Klaus's Gravatar that is pretty strange...

step throught this tutorial again..
know i'm getting this error:

Server returned HTTP response code: 500 for URL: ://localhost:3000/weborb
# Posted By Klaus | 3/25/10 1:32 PM
Kirk Pinneo's Gravatar I have also already modified the weborb/init.rb file. Has anybody got the lastest plugin to work, worked before the March 22 update?
# Posted By Kirk Pinneo | 3/25/10 11:10 PM
David C's Gravatar Kirk, I did have it working just fine with the FlashBuilder Beta 2 before the March 22 update. Since the update I've not been able to get it to work properly...I've been getting the same errors you are. That said, I have to admit I've not put a lot of time into debugging it (been busy with other non-Flex/Rails tasks). I'm about to work on it this weekend and will post an update here if I can figure out what the issue is.

# Posted By David C | 3/27/10 12:13 PM
Jeremy Savoy's Gravatar I'm seeing the same issue:

FB4: Server error uninitialized constant FbController details not available
# Posted By Jeremy Savoy | 3/28/10 3:55 PM
David C's Gravatar Kirk (and others),
Unfortunately I was not able to find a way to resolve the issue this weekend. After a few hours of debugging I did track it down to a method in the plugin code that took an argument for a class name and path, and I suspect this FbController is something that's a change by the Adobe team to the wizard, and is causing this extension to break. I'd blindly updated to FlexBuilder 4 release version and updated this extension code because I saw there was an update to this extension on the same day as the release of the official FlexBuilder 4 (bad idea without making sure I had installers for both of the original versions that were working). I've logged a bug with this project, and hopefully the developer is watching his bug notifications and will respond promptly.

I was hoping to get to spend more time on it, but with the work week coming up I doubt I'll be able to dig any further until next weekend. Let's hope the developer can take a look and resolve it before then!
# Posted By David C | 3/29/10 12:17 AM
Gaurav's Gravatar @Kirk
Issue fixed and download updated.
# Posted By Gaurav | 3/29/10 2:20 AM
David C's Gravatar Gaurav, Wonderful job...thank you for such a rapid response and solution! I've just removed the old version of the plugin and dropped this in it's place...and restarted FlashBuilder...and then immediately went to test if this works. The first couple webservices came through wonderfully more error!

Again, thank you for the fix, and also thank you for the wonderful plugin/extension!
# Posted By David C | 3/29/10 7:37 PM
Kirk Pinneo's Gravatar I agree, plugin works great.

I have been playing with the templates to customize to my requirements. It would be nice to have relationships queries added. For example, if I have a User domain that has many Scenario domains. It would be nice to have it generate a listByUserID for the Scenario services, etc. If you need help, let me know?

Additionally I changed the update service method to return the updated domain, this works better if you want to enable data management.
Thanks again, Kirk
# Posted By Kirk Pinneo | 3/29/10 9:39 PM
Jeremy Savoy's Gravatar I have a Rails backend that I'm using to pull data and provide to a Flex client via WebORB for Rails and AMF. This all works fine. I have authlogic working as expected in my rails app when I use the rails views.

What I can't figure out is how to access current_user in my services in the services/weborb folder. Even if I log in via authlogic through the rails views, I still can't access current_user in my custom weborb service.

Here is an excerpt from my "ContactService.rb":

This works, but doesn't grab contacts for current_user, it grabs contacts for all users:

class ContactService

   def list
      return Contact.find(:all)

This does not work, get an error about current_user being an unknown variable:

class ContactService

   def list
      return current_user.contacts.find(:all)
# Posted By Jeremy Savoy | 3/31/10 8:28 AM
Alan's Gravatar when I press the finish button in the configure ruby on rails service window I get a Connection refused Unable to retrieve operations and entities fro the file. please help me
# Posted By Alan | 6/25/10 3:51 PM
Alan's Gravatar Hi it's me again I fixed running: ruby script/plugin install :// thanks !!
# Posted By Alan | 6/25/10 5:00 PM
rolex's Gravatar it's really convenient. a simple installation interface with Flex. thx
# Posted By rolex | 12/3/10 3:42 AM
Michael's Gravatar Weborb DOES NOT support Rails 3. I called them, they have no plans to continue support. RubyAMF DOES support Rails 3 and is working well. Please update plugin and docs to transition to current technology. I would LOVE to be able to use this as I did when WebOrb was usable. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

Please review comments and remove spam! These jerks are spoiling your blog.
# Posted By Michael | 1/4/11 12:47 PM
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Carly S.
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